Review: Surrender to Sultry

Surrender to Sultry
Surrender to Sultry by Macy Beckett

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Once a wild and wicked bad boy, Sultry’s newest sheriff, Colton Bea, had learned his lesson the hard way and cleaned up his act. Amongst his many regrets is the loss of Leah McMahon, the only woman he ever loved. But now Leah is back home with secrets of her own. Can Colt win her heart again?

A disappointing end to an otherwise charming series.

The book contains a problematic trope that can go terribly wrong if handled incorrectly. Sadly, this is exactly what happens as Leah’s secret overshadows the entire story not only due to its nature, but also because the reader is constantly waiting for the inevitable angst of the big reveal.

Moreover, Leah’s actions, i.e., (view spoiler) are unforgivable regardless of her motivations. Consequently, it is impossible to identify with or sympathize with her character.

Colt hero status is also questionable. His womanizing ways in the previous installments do not endear him to the reader, and his apparent redemption cannot fully compensate for his earlier behavior.

In sum, the first two books in this series are excellent, especially book #1. Unfortunately, this one is frustrating and overly angsty.
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