Review: Close Your Eyes

Close Your Eyes
Close Your Eyes by Iris Johansen

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Blind from birth, Dr. Kendra Michaels learned to rely on her other senses. Following surgery to restore her sight, Kendra put her incredible powers of observation to good use by aiding the FBI until a life altering case put her on a different path. Now a series of multiple murders has sent former FBI agent and current Justice Department fixer, Adam Lynch, to Kendra’s door. Despite her reluctance, she feels compelled to assist him, but this decision might very well have devastating consequences for those she loves.

An enjoyable read overall, but the lack of romance is disappointing, especially as the book is marketed as romantic suspense when it is, in fact, more of a police procedural/thriller.

Although Kendra is a somewhat prickly heroine who may rub some readers the wrong way, her Sherlockian abilities are very intriguing and are portrayed realistically. Lynch has his own anti-social issues to deal with, but he is likeable nonetheless. Unfortunately, Kendra and Lynch had absolutely no chemistry and the romance is virtually non-existent.

The case is very intriguing with some truly diabolical villains whose POVs ratchet up the tension. That said, the first half of the book with the bodies piling up and the forensics investigation is better than the second half, which seems to lose momentum as Lynch and Kendra close in on the perpetrators. Also, the FBI mole is glaringly obvious from relatively early on.

In sum, the mystery is better than the romance and it is unlikely that I will continue with the series as I am not invested in the characters.
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