Review: Scream for Me

Scream for Me
Scream for Me by Karen Rose

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

When her identical twin sister was murdered, Alex Fallon’s life changed forever. Now, thirteen years later, Alex returns to the small town of Dutton, Georgia when her stepsister disappears and the police seem reluctant to investigate. GBI Agent Daniel Vartanian is also in Dutton looking into a set of horrific photographs depicting a series of chilling rapes. Daniel is shocked when he meets Alex as she is the spitting image of one of the victims. As the investigation into the two seemingly unrelated cases converge, Alex and Daniel will have to delve into their most traumatic memories to stop a malicious killer and save the life of a young mother.

Unfortunately, this is one of the weakest of Rose’s books. The writing is overly repetitive with the details of entire events rehashed over and over. While the mystery is interesting and it is fun trying to determine the various club members’ identities, the multiple plot threads are unnecessarily convoluted with some important details glossed over until the end (perhaps to keep the reader guessing) and others repeated ad nauseum.

Daniel and Alex’s romance has potential, but the reasons for their initial attraction are unclear and their chemistry, which starts out strong, fizzles along the way. Moreover, Alex’s character becomes quite strident toward the end and this is not at all appealing.

The secondary characters of Bailey and Beardsley are far more compelling and the sections detailing their interactions increase the tension and suspense. Although the villains are suitably despicable, there is a certain amount of overkill as the bodies pile up and the investigators fail to learn anything new.

Overall, definitely not the best that Rose has to offer and readers new to her writing should not start with this book. Hopefully the next installment will be better as Suzanna and Luke are both interesting characters.

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