Review: The Empath

The Empath
The Empath by Bonnie Vanak

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Nicolas is the strongest and fiercest warrior amongst the Draicon. Following his exile from the pack, Nicolas is still determined to protect his fellow wolves by locating the long-lost empath. Maggie Sinclair is a dedicated veterinarian unaware of her true nature until she becomes the target of the Draicon’s enemies.

The basic premise of The Empath is similar to many books in this subgenre of paranormal romance and does not offer anything truly original. Moreover, the characters are very one-dimensional and not particularly likable.

Maggie’s constant denial of her empathic abilities despite irrefutable evidence becomes tiresome after a while. Similarly, Nick’s tendency toward running hot and cold on the issue of consummating his relationship with Maggie is also annoying – either he needs to mate with Maggie to ensure her safety and save his alpha or he doesn’t!

The villains are more slimy and disgusting than truly threatening although the climax and resolution are action packed and satisfying.

All in all, there are better werewolf series available and the secondary couple are not interesting enough to continue on to the next installment.
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