Review: City Of Bones

City Of Bones
City Of Bones by Michael Connelly

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It is a quiet New Years until the call comes in about the discovery of human remains in the Hollywood Hills. When the body is revealed to be that of a young boy who suffered horrific abuse in his short life, Detective Harry Bosch is determined to bring the culprit to justice. Harry also begins a personal relationship with a rookie cop, but a shocking event jeopardizes his future in the department.

While the Harry Bosch books are enjoyable reads, Connelly’s writing tends toward the philosophical and often becomes bogged down with Harry’s constant psychological musings. That said, City of Bones breaks from this mold as the mystery develops at a solid pace. Unfortunately, it does peter out somewhat toward the end and the resolution is rather anti-climactic.

The secondary storyline involving Harry’s relationship with Julia is decidedly weaker as their connection feels contrived and out of place. It is evident throughout the series that this aspect of Connelly’s writing is very poor, and he should stick to the investigations and leave the romance to the experts.

In sum, Harry is a very appealing character and the procedural aspects of the investigation are excellent.
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