Review: To the Limit

To the Limit
To the Limit by Cindy Gerard

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Eve Garrett is dragged back into the case that destroyed her career as a Secret Service Agent when Tiffany Clayborne, the daughter of an eccentric billionaire, disappears without a trace. Determined to find the girl, Eve faces three distinct problems: a) Tiffany is a well-known party girl skilled at getting herself into trouble, b) someone is stalking Eve, and c) P.I. Tyler “Mac” McCain, a blast from her past, is also on Tiffany’s trail. Can Eve stay alive long enough to save her protectee?

Unfortunately, the second installment in Gerard’s Bodyguards series does not live up to its potential. The suspense plot is a confusing mix of disjointed points and the romance is weak and prosaic.

Eve is supposedly a highly trained and intelligent agent, but is constantly caught off guard. It is only sheer dumb luck that saves her on multiple occasions. Mac isn’t much better as his past behavior and current attitude toward Eve portray him as a sexist jerk more interested in her physical attributes than her professional skills.

Instead of pooling resources, Mac and Eve take the competitive approach to working the case. This is counterproductive not only in terms of the investigation, but also to the romance as the love/hate relationship does not develop in a believable manner and the eventual “I love yous” are unrealistic.

The mystery is unnecessarily convoluted with a mish-mash of threads that ultimately converge, but not in a cohesive or unified way. Some of the villains are creepy yet inept while others are certainly dangerous, but fail to ratchet up the tensions due to a lack of characterization. The climax and resolution are formulaic and the explanation has no foundation within the storyline.

All in all, a disappointing read due to the annoying couple and uninspired plot. Hopefully the next installment will be better.
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