Review: What Darkness Brings

What Darkness Brings
What Darkness Brings by C.S. Harris

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

At the request of his estranged father, Sebastian St. Cyr looks into the death of a wealthy jeweler when Kat Boleyn’s new husband, Russell Yates, is arrested for the crime. Sebastian soon learns that the victim was keeping some dark and dangerous secrets and had numerous powerful enemies many of whom were interested in locating an infamous missing blue diamond. As he closes in on the killer, Sebastian must also confront the shadows of his relationship with Kat and decide once and for all whether to remain in the past or move forward with his fearless new wife.

As in the previous books, Sebastian and Hero’s developing relationship is the highlight of the story. Hero is an admirable heroine who repeatedly demonstrates that she holds no illusions about the cruelties and inequalities of her society and she is the perfect match for Sebastian in every way. If there is one annoying element it is that Sebastian is still emotionally attached to Kat even though he realizes that he doesn’t trust her or believe a word she says. Hopefully, his love for Hero will ultimately eclipse his youthful infatuation with Kat.

While the victim in this installment is one of the more despicable in the series, Harris is, nevertheless, very skilled at making the reader care about truth and justice even for someone who is deserving of neither.

The amalgamation of the fictional mystery with the historical details surrounding the Hope Diamond makes for fascinating reading and ratchets up the tension surrounding the murder investigation.

All in all, a compelling mystery with well-developed and engaging characters. Looking forward to more of Hero and Sebastian in the next book.
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