Review: Enslaved

Enslaved by Elisabeth Naughton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Struggling in the aftermath of his torturous ordeal in the Underworld, Gryphon is determined to get away from the pity and fear he sees in the eyes of those around him. Likewise, Maelea, the unwanted daughter of Persephone and Zeus, seeks only to escape the confines of the sanctuary concealing her from the vengeful wrath of her mother’s husband, Hades. Encountering each other on their way out, this unlikely pair find themselves on the run from all factions: Argonauts, Misos, hellhounds and daemons. Their only chance of survival – each other.

Series note: This is book #5 in the series and as there is an ongoing story arc, it is recommended that the books be read in order.

Naughton’s makes excellent use of elements from Greek Mythology in her world building by putting her own unique twists on the traditional themes and tropes. The rivalry between Atalanta and the Argonauts and the conflicts between the various gods are incorporated effectively into the storyline and add an extra layer of tension.

Gryphon and Maelea’s romance is very entertaining. They have great chemistry to begin with, and this is only enhanced by the “on the run” trope as it highlights the development of their relationship from fear and mistrust to grudging respect and affection to love. This gradual progression makes their romance all the more believable.

Gryphon and Maelea are also dealing with deeper emotional scars arising from their individual traumas whether it is Gryphon’s guilt at becoming Atalanta’s pawn or Malea’s brittle confidence stemming from the betrayals of her parents. These two lonely outcast are searching to belong and finally find love and acceptance with each other.

All in all, one of the sweeter romances in an enjoyable series. Looking forward to Titus’s book next.
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