Review: For You

For You
For You by Kristen Ashley

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Inseparable in high school, Alec Colton and Feb Owens were destined for each other. Then a series of devastating events split them apart and they went their separate ways. Back in town after 15 long years, Feb and Colt keep their distance until someone begins targeting the people in Feb’s life and she naturally turns to Colt for help. As the number of victims increases, Feb and Colt will have to put their differences aside to stop a sick and twisted madman from continuing his killing spree.

Kristen Ashley has become a go to author for me. Unfortunately, this is the weakest of her books mainly due to the complete idiocy of Feb and Colt’s inane choices over the years.

It is always irritating when characters spend years apart because of a stupid misunderstanding and inability to communicate. Moreover, although Colt does not fall into the alpha asshole category like many of Ashley’s heroes, Feb is definitely the most whiny of her heroines, and her “woe is me” attitude is quite off-putting.

Another turn off is the fact that despite being the love of each other’s lives, Feb and Colt’s (view spoiler). While it is understandable that they would have (view spoiler) over the years they were apart, it is not necessary to include so many of them into the storyline as it inevitably detracts from the romance.

Finally, the unappealing romance makes it particularly difficult to wade through Ashley’s usual long ass descriptions of anything and everything.

In sum, not a stellar offering from Ashley’s pen and I would not recommend it for first time readers of her books.
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