Review: Bound by Flames

Bound by Flames
Bound by Flames by Jeaniene Frost

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Being married to the most infamous vampire of all time, Vlad Dracul, requires a great deal of adjustment and not a small amount of compromise as Leila Dalton quickly learns. Coping with her husband’s overprotective instincts is only one of the many problems Leila faces as allies and foes alike seek to manipulate and destroy Vlad with the one weakness he possesses – his love for Leila.

An excellent installment in the series and one that demonstrates just how far Vlad has come from the stark and emotionless man he was prior to meeting Leila.

Vlad is a powerful and enigmatic hero whose abilities only increase as he finally begins to accept his emotions and uses them to his benefit rather than allowing them to dominate him. He is also exceedingly entertaining, and sexy, with his quips about impaling people.

Vlad and Leila’s romance is another highlight. Yes, they have always loved one another but trust and confidence have been slow in coming whether due to Vlad’s need to put limits on Leila, ostensibly for her own protection, or Leila’s stubborn defiance and need to assert her independence. They both grow as individuals and as a couple in this book as they learn to give, take and share.
Although the storyline isn’t really new with Vlad’s arch-nemesis back to cause havoc, there are some surprising twists and intense moments interspersed between the exciting action scenes. There are also cameo appearances by our favorite Night Huntress characters and it is always a pleasure to listen to Vlad spar with Bones.

In sum, while some plot points are wrapped up nicely, new threads emerge and it will be interesting to see where Frost takes them. Looking forward to the fourth, and sadly last, book in the series.

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