Review: Blood Magic

Blood Magic
Blood Magic by Jennifer Lyon

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

As the leader of the Wing Slayer Hunters, a supernatural species that refuses to give in to the curse that compels them to kill witches, Axel Locke faces a devastating dilemma – kill a witch or watch his sister die. In order to save her life and his soul, Axel needs the help of a witch, but the only one available, Darcy McAllister, is unaware of her identity or powers. Forced into an unlikely alliance, Darcy and Axel are in a race against time to cure a young girl and protect themselves from a demon witch’s wrath.

A somewhat creative premise, but the execution is exceedingly weak with repetitive descriptions and internal musings as well as an excessive number of characters with confusing affiliations.

Much of the book is bogged down with Darcy gaining new powers and learning how to control them, which slows the pacing down to a crawl. This is exacerbated by the dense world building with various groups of characters with similar titles – demon witches, earth witches, wing slayer hunters, rogue hunters – all with their own agendas and motivations.

The romance is also unsatisfactory. Not only do Axel and Darcy have little to no chemistry, but the conflict between them, which is based on issues of secrets and distrust, is contrived and illogical.

All in all, not the most original of concepts and it has all been done to much better effect in other series.

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