Review: Blood Work

Blood Work
Blood Work by Michael Connelly

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Former FBI profiler, Terry McCaleb is recovering from a heart transplant when he learns that his donor was murdered during a robbery, and the case remains unsolved. McCaleb decides to investigate the crime himself, and soon realizes that a diabolical killer with a disturbing motive is at work.

Series note: This is book #1 in the Terry McCaleb series. Book #2 is a continuation of the Harry Bosch series and slots in after book #7.

Additional note: This book has been made into a movie and seeing the movie prior to reading the book had a significant impact on my perceptions of events in the story. Knowing the identity of the killer from the movie led me astray while reading.

McCaleb is an intelligent, skilled and resourceful investigator, and following along with him as he works through the clues is enjoyable. There is, of course, the inevitable comparison with Connelly’s signature character, Harry Bosch, and suffice it to say that McCaleb is far less angsty or prone to deep psychological musings than Harry.

The case is very compelling and the killer’s motive and machinations are very intricate yet plausible. Nevertheless, as is always the case with Connelly’s writing, there is too much repetition in some of the descriptions of events and evidence.

Overall, a solid police procedural with a likable main character, but it is long winded at times and could have been 50-75 pages shorter.
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