Review: Murder on Washington Square

Murder on Washington Square
Murder on Washington Square by Victoria Thompson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When Nelson Ellsworth, the mild-mannered son of her nosy next-door neighbor, is accused of murder, Sarah Brandt enlists the aid of Detective Frank Malloy to help her clear Nelson’s name and find the real killer.

As in the previous installments, the mystery is simple and easy to figure out. Nevertheless, the historical background, and growing attraction between Sarah and Frank make this a fun read.

Thompson’s research and attention to detail is excellent. The history of the Hanging Tree in Washington Square is very interesting as is the story of Maria Barbella, and the portrayal of yellow journalism at the turn of the century is realistic and believable.

Sarah and Frank’s relationship is progressing slowly, but surely as they both come to realize that there is more between them than friendship (although neither is willing to admit it to themselves let alone each other).

All in all, another engaging addition to Thompson’s historical cozy mystery series and it looks like the investigation into the death of Sarah’s husband is about to heat up.
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