Review: Breathe

Breathe by Kristen Ashley

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

In the aftermath of the Carnal PD scandal, Detective Chace Keaton is living with regrets. He views himself as unworthy of his hero status and of the one woman he has always wanted – sweet, shy, town librarian, Faye Goodknight. But a chance encounter in the woods brings Faye back into his life and this time he isn’t letting her go no matter the cost…

Even though this installment contains some darker themes, it actually feels lighter mainly due to the really sweet and relatively angst free romance.

Faye and Chace are wonderful as a couple. She is open, honest and very relatable as someone who also always has her nose buried in a book (and her sci-fi addiction is adorable). Chace initial attempts to drive Faye away, ostensibly for her own good, are understandable, but it is clear that he needs her goodness in order to feel clean again and begin to heal.

The two minor suspense plots take a back seat to the romance although both are engaging in their own ways. The story of Malachi is heart-wrenching while the situation with Chace and his father’s associates make the blood boil. Both are resolved satisfactorily although the tension at the end is not as acute as in other Ashley books.

In sum, a charming romance with appealing characters and a story with a striking message of the redemptive powers of love and acceptance.
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