Review: Marked by Moonlight

Marked by Moonlight
Marked by Moonlight by Sharie Kohler

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Claire Morgan, a shy and timid schoolteacher, has no idea that the wild dog that bit her was, in fact, a werewolf. Nevertheless, Claire cannot explain the sudden changes in her appearance and behavior until Gideon March, a member of a secret society of lycan hunters, arrives on her doorstep to kill her. Fortunately for Claire, Gideon finds himself incapable of completing his mission and the two set out to find a way to save Claire before she turns into a mindless monster at the full moon.

Unlike the majority of books in the werewolf sub-genre, the creatures in this series are not powerful heroes struggling with their inner demons. Rather they are the monsters of myth and legend who attack humans indiscriminately either for food or procreation.

Unfortunately, this is the only original element in the story. Claire is as naïve as they come, and similar to many PNR heroines, finds it difficult to accept the truth of her situation, which inevitably leads to several TSTL moments. That said, the fact that she ultimately comes into her own and grows both in self-awareness and self-confidence makes her more appealing.

While the tortured hero trope is usually a favorite of mine, it does not work for Gideon perhaps because he is far too eager to relinquish his inner angst. For a man who has suffered so horrendously at the hands of lycans, it does not make sense that he would be so eager to help one that he has never even spoken to. Moreover, his tendency toward running hot and cold when it comes to his feelings for Claire becomes irritating after a while.

The manner in which Claire’s furry problem is resolved is also predictable although it does lead to an exciting climax.

All in all, a rather mediocre paranormal romance and I can’t see myself continuing with the series at this time.
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