Review: All About Love

All About Love
All About Love by Stephanie Laurens

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lucifer Cynster, the last unmarried member of the Bar Cynster, believes he can escape his fate by leaving London. Little does he know that his destiny awaits in the small village of Colyton in the countryside of Devon where he literally stumbles over a body. Soon Lucifer finds himself embroiled in a murder investigation while wooing the willful and independent, Phyllida Talent, a woman even more averse to marriage than Lucifer.

One of the best in the series thus far.

Phyllida’s spirit and Lucifer’s protectiveness make for highly entertaining reading as these two unlikely lovers push each other’s buttons at every opportunity. Phyllida is cool, calm and collected and her aversion to marriage is quite understandable given the poor choice of suitors in her vicinity.
Lucifer is a totally swoonworthy hero and his attempts at wooing the reluctant Phyllida lead to some very amusing scenes.

The Agatha Christie type mystery is an added bonus as Lucifer and Phyllida question the various villagers and uncover the secrets of a small town. The climax and resolution are exciting and all the loose ends are tied up neatly.

The final epilogue is wonderful and gives the reader a sense of coming full circle :0)
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