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Goodbye Evernote

goodbye-evernoteIt is with a sad heart that I am saying goodbye to the Evernote App today. This has been my go to note keeping application for several years and I used it to organize everything from my doctorate to my reading lists to my recipes.

Unfortunately, the Evernote Team has decided in its questionable wisdom to limit the Evernote Basic account(i.e., the free account) to two devices such as a computer and phone, two computers, or a phone and tablet.

As a teacher who uses iPads in the classroom and has the Evernote app installed on my Mac and iPhone as well, this is no longer useful to me. I have no intention of upgrading to the paid Premium account as it offers little additional functionality.

I have, therefore, migrated to Microsoft OneNote with their very useful migration tool (only available for Windows, but I borrowed a friend’s PC), and am happily organizing to my heart’s content. OneNote also has numerous other functions and a beautiful interface.

It is a shame, but Evernote leaves me no choice!



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