Review: Hidden

Hidden by Kendra Elliot

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The only survivor of the serial killer called the Co-Ed Slayer, Lacey Campbell found purpose in life by becoming a forensic odontologist. Now, eleven years later, the body of one of the victims is discovered in a building owned by former police officer, Jack Harper, and someone begins killing the witnesses that put the Slayer in prison. Can Lacey and Jack elude the killer before they become his next victims?

Not a bad debut attempt although the mystery is better than the romance.

While the writing starts out weak with too much telling rather than showing, it does improve as the story progresses. Some aspects of the plot lack foundation, and, in fact, numerous details seem to be added as an afterthought because the author needed to establish something and included the information when needed. Thus, insufficient foreshadowing makes it difficult for the reader to follow the clues.

The mystery is gripping and the chapters presented from the killer’s POV ratchet up the tension and suspense. The romance, however, is lackluster as the reason for the attraction between Lacey and Jack is never fully apparent.

The characterization is good overall, however, there are several issues that grate on the nerves, such as Lacey’s incongruent reactions to the numerous men in her life and Michael’s inappropriate possessiveness given the fact that he and Lacey are friends rather than lovers.

All in all, a pretty good thriller and my issues with the writing are minor enough not to detract from the reading experience. I’m also interested enough in the secondary characters to continue with the series.

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