Review: A Lyon’s Share

A Lyon's Share
A Lyon’s Share by Janet Dailey

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

From the minute she was hired at Lyons Construction, Joan Somers has managed to keep a professional distance from her gorgeous boss, Brandt Lyons, and conceal the fact that she has been in love with him from the first. But when a sudden blizzard results in the two being stranded in the office over the weekend, the barriers between them crumble and it becomes impossible for them to return to the way things were before. Will they move forward together or apart?

A typical 1970s category romance with a domineering boss and a flustered secretary afraid to admit her feelings for him.

Despite one or two scenes that have the potential for steam, the book is rather sedate and this is to its detriment. A little action would have gone a lone way toward making this a better read as Brandt’s alpha attitude and Joan hot/cold angst cannot carry it alone.

There are definitely better office romance books out there such as Billie Green’s Time After Time.

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