Review: Late Eclipses

uLate Eclipses
Late Eclipses by Seanan McGuire

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When Lily, Lady of the Tea Gardens, and Luna, the Duchess of Shadowed Hills, are both struck down by a mysterious illness, Changeling knight October Daye must race against time not only to find a cure but to capture the culprit before she, herself, pays the ultimate price…

The first three books in the series are solid UF reads, but this installment takes Toby, her friends and her foes to a whole new level. There is some gripping action and suspense as well as a little romantic development (although not as much as I would like in a certain area) and some compelling revelations about Toby and her enigmatic mother, Amandine.

McGuire’s interpretation of faerie lore is a highlight of the series and this book is no exception. The focus in this one is on the fae women who have it in for Toby for one reason or another: the despotic Queen of Mists, the psychotic Rayselline Torquel, and the sociopathic Oleander de Merelands … Of course, the question an everyone’s mind is which one is sick enough to target those closest to Toby.

There is also some excellent character development both in terms of Toby learning more about her fae heritage and in terms of her personal life as the love triangle continues with the amazing Tybalt and the superfluous Connor. When will Toby see what is right in front of her face?!

All in all, the strongest book thus far and there is a definite sense that McGuire is building toward something significant.

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