Review: Trust No One

Trust No One
Trust No One by Jayne Ann Krentz

My rating: 3.5 of stars

Returning to her hometown after discovering the lifeless body of her boss, Grace Elland only wants to move on with her life. With that in mind, she agrees to a blind date with venture capitalist, Julian Arkwright, only to realize that they have absolutely nothing in common … that is until Grace becomes the target of a stalker and Julian’s skills as a former marine are put to good use.

One can always rely on JAK for a fast and fun read even if the characters are standard, the story formulaic and the ending predictable.

Grace and Julius are likable as individuals, but have no emotional attachment or physical chemistry. Although Grace is quirky and flighty, her idiosyncrasies are not as “in your face” as some of JAK’s more ‘artistic’ heroines. Julius starts out as a typical alpha jerk who is completely clueless about women. That said, he is open and honest about his intentions and feelings, which means that most of the angst is external to their relationship and reserved for the suspense plot.

The mystery is better than the romance with one or two solid twists related to a traumatic experience from Grace’s past. Nevertheless, the ultimate revelation of the villain and the motive are unsurprising.

The true highlight of the book is the secondary cast. From Agnes, Grace’s busy-body neighbor to Harley, Julius’s no nonsense mentor, to Irene and Devlin Nakamura, the matchmaking duo for hell, all are charming, witty and amusing.

All in all, this book is for those who have read and loved JAK’s writing, but not recommended for first time readers of her work.

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