Review: The Last Coyote

The Last Coyote
The Last Coyote by Michael Connelly

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Detective Harry Bosch’s life is spiraling out of control. His home has been condemned following an earthquake; he is suspended and forced into mandatory psychiatric counseling after striking his commanding officer, and to top it all off, he feels compelled to investigate the decades old murder of his mother.

This installment is, unfortunately, the weakest in the series, which is disappointing considering that the story of what happened to Harry’s mother has been intriguing from the start.

The first half of the book is exceedingly drawn out with an excessive amount of psychobabble and philosophical musings as Harry watches traffic jams and sees a lone coyote everywhere. Too much attention is paid to Harry’s meltdown, and it is all far too melancholy.

There are, nevertheless, some highlights in this section such as Harry’s developing relationship with the police psychologist. Their conversations are particularly insightful as Harry begins to open up and reveals the effect that the loss of his mother had on him.

The second half picks up with a certain event and the focus shifts more to the investigation into the death of Harry’s mother. The mystery has some interesting twists and turns, and the whole thing reminds me of an episode of the TV show, Cold Case.

All in all, the writing in this one is too slow and Harry’s angst is becoming rather tedious. Hopefully, things will change now that he has some closure and the atmosphere of distrust and corruption will begin to subside with the developments in the police department.

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