Review: Ceremony in Death

Ceremony in Death
Ceremony in Death by J.D. Robb

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Homicide Lieutenant Eve Dallas is forced to put aside her personal loyalties when she investigates the suspicious death of a fellow officer. When several other victims die in horrific circumstances, Eve finds herself embroiled in a conflict between opposing forces of good and evil that eventually leads her to a confrontation that may force her to play the ultimate price…

The best installment so far both in terms of the investigation and the character development.

The dichotomy between Good and Evil, and the symbolism of Wicca and Satanism, inherent in the case makes this one of the most intense and gripping mysteries in the series. The villains are truly diabolical and the mundane motive behind the crimes only compounds their depravity.

The characterization continues to be a highlight of these books. Roarke demonstrates once again the depth of his love for Eve and the lengths he will go to to protect her. There are also some compelling insights into both Peabody and Feeney’s characters as they learn more about themselves and Eve as well. Eve’s behavior, on the other hand, is problematic as she allows her personal experiences to color her judgement and tends to accept things at face value rather than looking beneath the surface to underlying motivations.

In sum, the suspense, intrigue and humor of this series make it very enjoyable and I look forward to reading the next one soon.

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