Review: Because of Miss Bridgerton

Because of Miss Bridgerton
Because of Miss Bridgerton by Julia Quinn

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Wild and spirited, Billie Bridgerton is always getting into one scrape or another and everyone finds her endearing except, that it, for George Rokesby. Despite the friendship between their families, Billie and George can barely tolerate one another, so when circumstances bring them together neither can quite comprehend the sparks that fly and the attraction that builds. Suddenly, these two lifelong adversaries begin to realize that the one person they cannot abide is the only one they cannot live without…

Series Note: This is the first book in the prequel series to the Bridgertons. The heroine, Billie, is Edmund’s (father to the Bridgerton siblings) older sister. It is not necessary to read the Bridgertons in order to enjoy this book. but I highly recommend doing so sooner rather than later.

An enchanting romance with all of the wit and charm that characterizes Julia Quinn’s writing.

Quinn is very skilled at placing her characters in unrealistic situations that somehow work despite the circumstances. This is certainly the case with the opening scene, which is laugh out loud funny as Billie and George’s arguing and banter set the stage for their sweet and passionate relationship.

As with the original series, the secondary characters are well-developed and the closeness of the Bridgertons and the Rokesbys add to the amazing sense of family and friendship established in the story.

Although the plot is lighthearted and humorous, the characters also deal with deeper emotions as George struggles with being the eldest sibling and all of the duties and responsibilities that being the heir entails. The Rokesby family must also cope with the dangers of their sons going to war and the inevitable consequences.

All in all, a lovely book and I look forward to reading Edward’s story, especially after the developments in this one.

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