Review: Wild Wolf

Wild Wolf
Wild Wolf by Jennifer Ashley

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Graham McNeil, co-leader of the Las Vegas Shiftertown, has his hands full with an unstable pack reluctantly acclimating to a new environment, a submissive teenage nephew and two unruly wolf cubs whose mission in life is to get into trouble. The one bright light in his life is Misty Granger, a human woman, who calms his wolf and stokes his passions. But when a new threat emerges to place both Misty and his pack in danger, Graham will have to take steps the thwart it or lose Misty forever.

Some interesting developments in the ongoing shifter/fae story arc, but Graham and Misty’s romance falls flat.

As the story begins, Graham and Misty have been in a relationship for a few months, but have yet to establish either a physical or emotional intimacy. Consequently, the sudden progression of their romance feels forced as it is unclear what either one sees in the other. Although Misty is sweet and likable, there is nothing in her rather bland personality to explain Graham’s intense attraction to her. Similarly, Graham’s appeal is also debatable as he spends a great deal of time running hot and cold – both accepting the idea of a connection with Misty while at the same time pushing her away with harsh words and a dismissive attitude.

The fae collar conspiracy progresses further in this installment with more details on the fae’s nefarious agenda. The villain is particularly nasty and his ability to inflict physical as well as psychological damage ratchets up the tension and suspense.

Alongside cameo appearances by characters from previous installments (which is always a highlight), there are also some new and intriguing additions to the growing cast, but it is the adorable twin cubs, Kyle and Matt, who steal the show.

All in all, worth reading for the plot developments but the romance is one of the weaker in the series. The next book focuses on a different characters in a new shiftertown. I hope the series does not lose momentum by moving into unknown areas.

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