Review: A Grave Matter

A Grave Matter
A Grave Matter by Anna Lee Huber

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lady Kiera Darby returns to her childhood home to celebrate Hogmanay with friends and family when news comes that the caretaker of local abbey has been murdered and the grave of a long deceased aristocrat has been disturbed. Finding herself once again embroiled in an inquiry due to her knowledge of anatomy, Kiera is eager to help, but must also contend with her complicated feelings for Sebastian Gage who arrives with the news that this is just the most recent incident of grave robbers stealing bones and holding them for ransom.

Although the mystery is intriguing, much of the investigation involves Kiera and Gage questioning suspects and witnesses. The dearth of suspects make it easy to guess the culprit, but the motive behind the crimes is compelling and the climax leads to some very intense and exciting moments.

The real highlight of the story is the emphasis on Kiera and Gage’s developing romance. While the couple starts out circling each other warily as they have done in the previous installments, they finally admit the depth of their feelings for one another and take the inevitable next step. Although there are still obstacles to overcome in terms of the secrets in Sebastian’s past and Kiera’s fragile trust, it is clear that the two are definitely headed in the right direction.

The secondary characters flesh out the narrative very well, however, one stands out from the rest and it will be interesting to see if Huber continues this storyline.

Heather Wilds’ narration takes some getting used to, but her Scottish accents and inflection are top notch.

All in all, an engaging continuation to one of my favorite historical mysteries and I look forward to listening to the next one.

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