Review: The Remains of the Dead

The Remains of the Dead
The Remains of the Dead by Wendy Roberts

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In addition to her unusual occupation (crime scene cleanup), Sadie Novak has the added “gift” of being able to speak to the ghosts of the victims. When Sadie and her partner, former police officer Zach Bowman, are hired to clean up the scene of a murder/suicide, she is shocked to encounter not only a silent ghost with an urgent need to communicate, but a handsome man who is very much alive and has a troubling connection to the case. As Sadie begins to uncover the secrets of the Toth family, she becomes the target of a desperate killed intent on getting away with murder.

While this is a cozy paranormal mystery, it does contain vivid and sometimes gruesome descriptions of decomposing corpses and blood spattered crime scenes. As such, it is not recommended for readers with weaker stomachs.

Not only is Sadie a rather prickly and oft times brusque heroine, but she also has one or two annoyingly TSTL moments.

The story is well-paced and the writing flows although the author does have a tendency to mix up character names, which can get confusing at times. The mystery is interesting despite the obvious culprit, and the climax and resolution are exciting and satisfying. Moreover, the hints at a romance between Sadie and Zach have definite potential, and as a romance fan this is sufficient for me to continue with the series.

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