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Feature & Follow Friday is a blog hop aimed at providing exposure for new bloggers and at expanding blog followers. The hop is hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read and is a wonderful opportunity for making new friends and sharing your love for books and reading.

This week’s featured blog is: AV Griffin!

What’s your criteria of a misbehaving author/reviewer?

The not so recent trend of authors and/or reviewers becoming belligerent, aggressive, abusive and downright stalkerish on social media and Goodreads is very troubling.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and if an author cannot take the heat, they should stay out of the kitchen. Once your work is in the public domain, you must develop a thicker skin or you are going to get yourself into a great deal of trouble. The adage that there is no such thing as bad publicity is not true when it comes to authors behaving badly because many readers (including myself) will avoid your book like the plague if you go on a rant on Twitter!

That said, there are reviewers who behave badly as well. There is no need to attack an author personally because you disliked their book. Perhaps it is the teacher in me, but reviews should be constructive criticism and not vicious or abusive. There is a fine line between snarky and cruel, and there is not need to deliberately hurt the author simply to entertain others with a mean spirited review.

What are your criteria for these authors/reviewers?

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14 thoughts on “Feature & Follow (3)

  1. Great discussion topic! For me, if an author asks her followers to down vote or flag a review simply because she didn’t like it, I won’t support that author. I know I won’t enjoy every book. And when I write a review, its never a personal attack. I expect the same from the author and other readers. For me, its all basic human decency. As an author, you put yourself out there and are bound to get some negative reviews. As a reader, you are not going to love every book. As long as you are constructive, then everyone has an opinion. An author is allowed to not like a review! But, don’t be rude to the person who wrote it if you expect them not to be rude to you.
    Samantha @The Book Disciple


  2. I agree, the fact that we all have different opinions on things means that this will also spill over to books. And if we write exactly what we liked and didn’t like in a book, we might still help other readers pick up a book we didn’t enjoy ourselves. This is what some authors don’t seem to understand. Also, I find it easier to pick up a book that has some lower ratings, because it means that the book may have been read by those who aren’t necessarily that author’s biggest fans either.
    Great topic 🙂


  3. Yeah, this little bookish community can get downright interesting at times, can’t it? I won’t support an author who berates or attacks a reader/reviewer. Bullies don’t do it for me. (Of course there’s a difference between attacking and defending yourself, but I think most of us realize that.) I also have a tough time with authors who belittle other authors, even if it’s in a closed group on Facebook. It’s tacky. If an author sets a rabid group of fans on a reviewer because they don’t like the review – IF the review was fair and NOT attacking the author personally – that author hits my “behaving badly” list.

    On the reverse side, bloggers and reviewers bring it on themselves sometimes. You can NOT enjoy a book and not be an asshole about it. Sometimes I look on Goodreads and it seems like some of these reviewers don’t like ANY books and rip them to shreds in a way that makes me uncomfortable. I have to wonder why they bother to read at all if they hate everything so much. What’s the point? Seems like they’re just trying to get attention, to be honest. But whatever… I just don’t follow people like that. That’s not my style. I understand not everyone is going to like every book, but you can write a negative review that’s not attacking the author and readers who enjoy it. I just don’t have time for that kind of negativity in my life, so more often than not, I hit the unfollow/unfriend/unsubscribe button and move on if I see too many of these types of reviews. Or, you know, if they’re constantly trying to stir up drama online, whether on their blog or on Twitter… No time for it.

    Great topic!


    1. Totally agree on the attention seeking reviewers who badmouth an author rather than giving constructive criticism just so that can get likes on their review. It cheap and dirty!


  4. I completely agree. Authors shouldn’t be writing books if they’re not going to be able to handle the fact that some people won’t like them. Books are a subjective thing. It’s one thing to be upset about a negative review, but it’s something else to actual take that upset public by tweeting about it, commenting on a review, etc.

    But reviewers can be just as bad. I usually won’t even read snarky reviews because they’re just mean. And it does seem like some people only write them because they know it’s what gets attention and likes and whatnot, so I definitely don’t support them or like them. I’d much rather read negative reviews that are respectful and just explain what they disliked. I trust those a lot more.

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  5. I completely agree. I think social media is both a good and bad thing for reviewers and authors. On one hand it allows us to communicate and share all love but it also seems to be a way to share the crazy, too. Lol.

    When I look for books too, I try and go by synopsis, title, and cover. I usually don’t go by reviews unless it’s a reviewer I share a lot of common interest with and follow a lot because everyone has different likes and some of my all time favorite books have gotten horrible heat but I love them!

    Great topic choice.
    -Amanda @ Quite Bookish


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