Review: Awaken to Pleasure

Awaken to Pleasure
Awaken to Pleasure by Nalini Singh

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Taylor Reid is desperate to retain custody of her younger brother of her younger brother, but lacks the resources. Thus, when her former employer, sexy movie mogul, Jackson Santorini, offers her a solution, marriage, she eagerly accepts. But, is she ready for the passion and pleasure Jackson needs from her?

One of Nalini Singh’s earlier category romances that has all the hallmarks of her later bestsellers although her plotting and dialogue have definitely come a long way since this book.

The story is engaging and contains some of my favorite tropes including the physically intimidating, possessive and protective alpha hero aching for love and acceptance; the innocent yet spirited heroine who challenges him at every turn, and the convenient marriage between two lonely and haunted people.

There is some very good character development as Jackson opens up to the idea of trusting a woman again after being hurt by his despicable ex, and Taylor comes to terms with the traumas of her childhood. Singh’s sex scenes are steamy and sensual even in this more traditional Silhouette format.

All in all, a light and easy read recommended for Singh fans while they await the next installments in her Psy-Changeling and Guild Hunter series.

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