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InD’Tale Magazine (April 2016)

april2016InD’Tale magazine offers articles, author interviews and reviews for new releases via their website and their digital magazine. The magazine focuses on independent and self published authors, and is currently free to subscribe. The featured author for April 2016 is historical romance author Shana Galen.

There is also an interesting (and sometimes funny) article on the overuse of the term “broad shoulders” in romance. Personally, I love a broad shouldered hero who has no need to wear padded coats, but mentioning it more the 20 times in the same book is excessive.

Also included in month’s edition is advice on how to market your product including a discussion of publication advertising, Internet marketing and direct flyers and mailing.

Additional articles focus on the nurturer archetype, life hardships of life in Medieval times (for Outlander fans) and the trials of being a male author in the romance genre.

Some of the books reviewed in this edition are:

Seduced by the Laird by Eliza Knight

Scoring Position by V. K. Sykes

Code Black by Tina Moss

Rescuing Raine by Susan Stoker




5 thoughts on “InD’Tale Magazine (April 2016)

  1. Over use of any word or description in one book can get old. I recently read one where the hero commented mentally on the smell of her hair on almost every other page. So glad you enjoy the magazine. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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