Review: Mine to Hold

Mine to Hold
Mine to Hold by Cynthia Eden

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

At age 16, Claire Kramer became the victim of an obsessive and abusive boyfriend who murdered her parents when she tried to leave him. Now, 9 years later, Claire is wary of trusting anyone let alone another man. But when her past catches up with her, Claire is forced to approach Noah York, a wealthy and powerful hotel magnet whose dark and dangerous past and possessive nature both terrify and exhilarate her. However, someone else is just as consumed with Claire and will stop at nothing to have her. Can Noah truly protect the one woman who has come to mean everything to him?

Not Eden’s best work (too many typos), but a quick and intense read nonetheless.

The plot is similar to the first two books in the series although the twists and turns are more predictable. The villains are obvious from the start and as such the focus is on the threat they pose rather on discovering their identities.

The romance between Claire and Noah makes up the lions share of the story and, unfortunately, it is also the weakest element. To begin with, the sex scenes are almost mechanical and perfunctory, and one does not get a feeling of any real emotional investment or intimacy between the two.

Moreover, Claire’s behavior is inconsistent with her characterization as a terrified woman wary of men. She gives in to her attraction to Noah almost immediately with very little resistance.

Noah is a typical alpha male with violent tendencies and control issues. Although, Claire is a likable enough heroine with tremendous resilience, the reasons for Noah’s attraction (as well as the obsession that other men exhibit) are never fully explained or even apparent.

The inclusion of a secondary romance between the two D.C. detectives is unnecessary and underdeveloped. The page time could have been dedicated to further exploring Noah and Claire’s characters and relationship.

In sum, Cynthia Eden is one of my favorite authors but this is not the best example of her writing or plotting. Nevertheless, I will continue with the series as Drake’s book is next and he is a particularly intriguing character.

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