Review: Motorcycle Man

Motorcycle Man
Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley
5 Stars

After Tyra Masters spends a night of passion in the arms of Kane “Tack” Allen, leader of the Chaos motorcycle club, she is convinced that she has found the man of her dreams. Unfortunately, Tack does not share this conviction and easily dismisses her from his bed and his mind. Upon learning that Tyra is his new office manager, Tack attempts to fire her, but Tyra stands her ground and Tack soon realizes that their one night stand is about to become a whole lot more…

It is safe to say that Motorcycle Man not only lives up to its hype, but exceeds it.

Tack initially comes across as a complete jerk and there are moments when it is difficult to grasp what Tyra sees in him beyond his bad-ass biker persona. However, as the story progresses, more of Tack inner life is revealed and his connection with Tyra grows from the physical into the emotional.

Tara is an incredible heroine who has the temper to match her red hair. She not only holds her own against Tack’s alpha male superiority and possessiveness, but out maneuvers him again and again. It is a pleasure to see a man with such definite ideas about how a woman should react fall so hard for a mouthy spitfire who does not fit into the mold.

The secondary characters are wonderful as usual. None of the men in Tack’s club know quite what to make of Tyra and it is fun seeing them fall at her feet when she proves herself to them over and over. Tack’s teenage children, Rush and Tabby, are sweet and prove once again that Ashley knows how to write about kids, but the real highlight is the bond that has formed between the other dream men of the series – Hawk, Brock and Mitch.

The plot revolving around the Russian mob continues in a surprising direction and the resolution involves some truly heart-wrenching moments.

All in all, a fantastic conclusion to the series and I look forward to reading all of Ashley’s books in the near future.

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